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Suddenly, being an "everyday" KETO CARNIVORE ... just got easier AND tastier.

28 easy keto carnivore recipes

Created for the "everyday" carnivore

Recipes that are quick and tasty

Simple ingredients

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What is a carnivore diet?

The carnivore diet is also known as the ultimate elimination diet that has given so many people, miraculous improvements.

As the name suggests, it’s a diet that only consists of animal products, predominantly meat, fish and eggs.  

Everyday carnivores allow themselves full-fat dairy, heavy cream and full-fat hard cheeses. It makes being a carnivore in modern times sustainable and enjoyable.


1: Do you crave meat? Do you have incredible discipline? Do you have health concerns and tried keto before but you only reached 95% of your health goals? If YES, then you may be the hardcore carnivore.

2: Do you love meat but can’t forgo your creamy coffee? Do you love a burger but can’t imagine it without melting cheese? Do you love a good steak with a creamy blue cheese sauce? Then you may be an everyday carnivore.

3: Do you find being a carnivore hard in social situations? Do you value social gatherings and family time just as much as the benefits you experience from living carnivore? Then you may be a weekday carnivore to make this way of life sustainable.


(cheaper than 1 takeout)
This book has all the delicious recipes you'll ever need.
28 easy nutritious recipes created for the "everyday carnivore"

Have you tried keto or low-carb but it hasn't resolved your weight loss or health issues and you are looking for the final piece in your health jigsaw puzzle?

Are you still struggling with sugar cravings every single night?

Have you witnessed the amazing benefits others had when they switched to the keto carnivore diet?

Have you ever wondered what a keto carnivore diet would look like and taste like ... but too afraid to give it a go?

Do you want to try the carnivore diet but not completely ready to live on meat 100% every single day?

If you're tired of constantly battling your sweet tooth and sugar cravings ....then this is the book you need.

The Ultimate Keto Carnivore Cookbook is the perfect cookbook to give the carnivore diet a go, without committing to a 100% meat-only diet.

The Ultimate Keto Carnivore Cookbook has a selection of 28 easy tasty keto carnivore recipes that are quick and easy.

(cheaper than 1 takeout)
If you switched to a low-carb or keto diet to meet your health goals, but you still have raised blood sugars and are not feeling the health improvements you were looking for, then the natural progression for many is to try the "everyday carnivore" diet.
Why include dairy, onions and garlic? There is a huge variety of tolerances within the keto carnivore spectrum, so by including some dairy, herbs, onion and garlic, it opens up a world of flavours that possibly strict 100% carnivore wouldn't allow themselves.

But where possible, I give substitutions to remove or reduce the small number of vegetables (usually added for colour or garnish) and any creamy sauces made with full-fat dairy are all optional.

"I was living keto for the last 6 years but it wasn't resolving some final health issues I had. I'd seen friends doing carnivore and thought I'd give it a go. Within 2 weeks 95% of my symptoms disappeared and my stubborn cravings stopped within 48 hours. I couldn't believe it." 

Dee, USA

“ I have heard more and more about this crazy carnivore "thing" and decided to try it out. The recipes were easy to follow and there were no fancy ingredients. Good news for a guy like me who likes to order a drive-through on his way home. The meals are tasty and filling"

Nathan, USA

“I love how Libby's cookbooks are always so practical, this is the third I have bought and it was another winner. If you're on the fence, buy it and give it a go."

Vikki, UK

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Use the 28 delicious recipes so you can get started straight away. Most of these recipes can be made ahead or are freezer friendly.  

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Libby Jenkinson, MPS
Author. Founder of Ditch The Carbs, registered pharmacist, Health Coach, Cert.Advanced Nutrition, mother of 3.

"My mission is simple. To make low-carb and keto simple and tasty for the whole family."

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