Slow-Cooker & Pressure Cooker Recipes


Perfect for anyone with a busy lifestyle.

24 easy healthy delicious recipes

Delicious desserts

Simple ingredients

Gluten-free and no added sugars

Quick and tasty family meals

Chicken, meatballs, soups

Cheesecakes, muffins, chocolate lava cake

Immediate download - 65 page eBook

If you STOP just ONE take-out dinner, it will have paid for the book.

Are you struggling with how to feed your family with healthy TASTY meals? 

Are you overwhelmed with how to cut back on sugars and processed food?

Do you want to make easy healthy slow cooker and pressure cooker recipes AND stay on budget?

Are you confused with how to cook faster, tastier, better family meals and desserts AND stay on track, but simply don’t know how to start?

If you're tired of throwing money down the drain on expensive take-outs ....then this is the book you need.

You can start TODAY to make delicious slow cooker and pressure cooker recipes - even if you're an absolute beginner. 

Who else wants to dunk the junk? Don't worry, because I can help you.

The Slow-Cooker & Pressure Cooker Cookbook is for you.

There's nothing the slow cooker or pressure cooker can't do. Starters, mains, desserts, even muffins and cheesecakes!


All the easy recipes are sugar-free, gluten-free, grain-free and low-carb.

24 easy healthy family meal ideas that you can use every single dinner. Meatballs, chicken, tacos, pulled pork, cheesecake, muffins .....all your old family favorites, just healthified.

(cheaper than 1 takeout dinner)
The perfect healthy cookbook for anyone with a busy lifestyle.

Save time in the kitchen.

Enjoy mealtime again.

Your family will want these easy healthy family mealtime recipes, time and time again.

"I'm busy so I always use drive-throughs and takeouts for dinner. On a whim, I decided to buy this cookbook and now I can whip up meatloaf or chicken faster than ordering, driving and collecting my regular fast food." 

Jill, USA

“I have to admit, I am addicted to burritos so when I saw Libby's new cookbook, I knew I had to have it to break my fast-food habit. I love making Libby's burrito bowls. It's my quick and dirty meal prep for the week too. Double whammy!!!"

Kirsty B, USA

“Holy moly the lime cheesecake is GOOD. In fact, I'd have to say it's the BEST I have ever had (and I used to eat A LOT). Thank you, Libby, the cheesecake whisperer."

Mary-Anne, UK

You're just ONE STEP away from helping your family OFF sugar and expensive junk food. Order TODAY and you will ...

Get EVERYTHING you need

STOP wondering when your family will be happier and more energetic. Start right now - TODAY

You will DRAMATICALLY reduce sugar and junk food.  

MAXIMISE your time & start NOW

Use the 24 super fast recipes to remove processed food and junk from your family's diet.

Discover the recipes that have helped thousands start FAST!

STOP wasting money.

STOP grabbing a drive-through takeout. STOP buying expensive microwave meals. Stopping just ONE takeout meal will have paid for the book.

Easy family meal prep

Use the 24 delicious recipes so you can get started straight away. Most of these recipes can be made ahead or are freezer friendly. So cook once, serve again and again.

Plus lots more!


(cheaper than 1 family takeout)

Libby Jenkinson, MPS
Author. Founder of Ditch The Carbs, registered pharmacist, Health Coach, Cert.Advanced Nutrition, mother of 3.

"My mission is simple. To make low-carb and keto simple and tasty for the whole family."

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