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The BUMPER guide to having low-carb and keto festive holiday parties 

46 easy recipes for appetizers, mains, sides, baking, cookies, desserts, drinks, and sauces

All recipes are in US cups and grams.
Net carbs, protein, fat, and calories are calculated per serving.

46 easy healthy delicious recipes

Delicious mains, sides, and stuffing

Sugar-free desserts

Festive cookies

Simple ingredients

Gluten-free and no added sugars

Keto meringue roulade

Gingerbread cookies

Snowball cookies

Eggnog and mulled wine

BONUS baking guide

Immediate download - 122 page eBook

46 low-carb festive recipes that you can use every holiday

You're just ONE STEP away from enjoying DELICIOUS homemade festive party food and drinks. Order TODAY.

Do you struggle with all the party food over the festive season?

Are you overwhelmed with what to serve at Thanksgiving or Christmas parties?

Do you want to make easy healthy desserts AND stay on budget?

If you're tired of ruining all your progress during the holidays ....then this is the book you need.

You can start TODAY to make delicious festive recipes - even if you're an absolute beginner. 

The Festive Cookbook is for you.


All the easy recipes are sugar-free, gluten-free, grain-free, and low-carb.

BONUS: You'll also get your own baking guide, low-carb flour guide, and which sweeteners to use (and avoid).

46 low-carb and keto festive recipes that you can use every holiday. Easy recipes for mains, sides, and appetizers. Desserts, cookies, drinks, and party nibbles.....all your old family favorites, just sugar-free, low-carb, and naturally gluten-free.

Enjoy easy DELICIOUS festive party food 
The perfect healthy cookbook for the festive holiday season.

Serve easy tasty party food, snacks, and nibbles

Enjoy delicious sugar-free desserts and cookies.

Your family will want these easy healthy celebration recipes, time and time again.

"The sugar-free candied almonds are the third recipe I tried for our early Christmas meal, simply amazing! Thanks, I'm looking forward to a lower-carb Christmas." 

Julie, H - USA

“Wow! Your easy turkey recipe is delicious. You make cooking so easy with pictures and detailed instructions. I'm so looking forward to a feast of tasty food without feeling like I've missed out on all the sugary and high-carb foods that I normally pig out on! Thank you for making this so simple for us to manage. 

Sara, UK

“Your cheesy keto garlic bread was amazing! My whole family loved it. My husband even requests it now and he is not even keto."

Emily, P - USA 

You're just ONE STEP away from enjoying DELICIOUS mains, sides, and appetizers, desserts, cookies, drinks, and party nibbles. Order TODAY and you will ...

Get EVERYTHING you need

STOP wondering what to serve at parties.

You can start TODAY to make delicious keto desserts - even if you're an absolute beginner.

STOP making baking mistakes

BONUS: You'll also get your baking guide, low-carb flour guide, and which sweeteners to use (and avoid).

STOP wasting money.

Discover how to plan an ENTIRE Thanksgiving or Christmas meal and host DELICIOUS festive parties with keto drinks, nibbles, snacks, and drinks.

Easy family recipes

Use the 46 delicious festive recipes so you can plan your next party or family gathering. Many of these recipes can be made ahead and are freezer-friendly. 

Plus lots more!


Enjoy easy DELICIOUS festive party food

Libby Jenkinson, MPS
Author. Founder of Ditch The Carbs, registered pharmacist, Health Coach, Cert.Advanced Nutrition, mother of 3.

"My mission is simple. To make low-carb and keto simple and tasty for the whole family."

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