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You bite it ... you write it.

Ditch The Carbs Food & Carb Tracker is the perfect easy system to control your carbs, fat, protein and calories. 

Progress tracker

Exercise tracker

Goals tracker

Favourite recipes sheets

Track measurements

Track weight loss

Immediate download

20 printable pages

If you can STOP buying just ONE coffee and cake, it will have paid for the book.
If you want an easy system that you can take anywhere ... to track your carb, fat and protein goals ... to count your calories ... to STOP carb creep.

Have you tried every carb tracker app and software, but fail to use them long term?

Are you ready for a simple printable carb tracker? Why printable? Because pen and paper is a tried and tested system that actually works.

If you always fall off the rails at this time of year ... then this is the carb tracker you need ... because if "You Bite It, You Write It".

Using the tracker will help you cut back on the sugars and processed food from your life the easy way.

Are you confused with how to stop the carb creep ... but simply don’t know how to start?

Do you kick yourself every time you polish off a whole bag of cookies, slices of cake or head into the freezer for your favorite tub of ice cream?

... but simply dread the thought of making the change?


If you've watched friends and family have great success on a low-carb or keto diet but can't figure out how it can work for your family ... it's finally time for you to start.

Who else wants to dunk the junk? Don't worry, because I can help you.

The Food & Carb Tracker is for you.


You'll dramatically cut your sugar intake and STOP the sugar roller coaster which are triggering your insatiable sugar cravings.

And remember, if You Bite It, You Write It. It really is that simple.

Ditch The Carbs Food & Carb Tracker is the perfect easy system to control your carbs, fat, protein and calories. 

It's a progress tracker, exercise tracker, goal tracker and there are even pages to calculate your favourite food/drinks so you don't have to calculate them each day.

(cheaper than 1 coffe & cake)

"I wasted so much money on apps I couldn't use. I needed a system I could use anywhere, anytime. I print off pages for the week ahead and use them to plan my meals AND track, all at the same time ... genius huh?" 

Lindy, UK

“I tried everything but my weight was slowly going up. I heard Libby mention "carb creep" and didn't know what it was. As soon as I began to track using her system, I realised exactly where I was going wrong. I wish I had bought this 7 months ago. I'd be at goal by now."

Myra, AUS

“These pages have allowed me to lose 34lb that had refused to leave my body. As long as I track every-single-day, I know the weight will drop off bit by bit. It;s simple, it works"

Deb, USA

You're just ONE STEP away from controlling your food and STOPPING carb creep. Order TODAY and you will ...

Get EVERYTHING you need

No more confusing apps and inaccurate nutrition values. 

Discover the PAPER system that has helped thousands make amazing PROGRESS.

STRESS-FREE tracking

STOP wondering what you're eating... and where your carbs are coming from. You will DRAMATICALLY reduce your sugar and discover EXACTLY where your carbs are hidden.

STOP wasting money.

STOP buying expensive apps that drive you crazy (and you don't use). Stopping just ONE coffee & cake will have paid for the book.

SAVE paper & ink

Print additional pages as you need them. Daily carb trackers, exercise trackers and progress trackers. Because no one likes wasted paper or ink!

Plus lots more!


(cheaper than 1 coffee & cake)

Libby Jenkinson, MPS
Author. Founder of Ditch The Carbs, registered pharmacist, Health Coach, Cert.Advanced Nutrition, mother of 3.

"My mission is simple. To make low-carb and keto simple and tasty for the whole family."

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