"It's worth every penny! The course is amazing, the support is tremendous. I have been able to stop all my sugar cravings, I cook all my meals for my family ... we enjoy the same dinners every night. The stepwise approach really works." 

Julie, Canada
- PRO annual member

"l have made more progress than any time before in my 30 odd years of dieting. I had been following Libby for some time before PRO and found her so refreshing and real. I could tell Libby had a genuine desire to help people. I have set many goals but never achieved them, until Libby and the PRO community came into my life. The support is amazing, and no one judges." 

- PRO annual member

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"Libby is a true inspiration and sincerely cares about everyone she is trying to help. Libby is a true inspiration and a great teacher. She takes the time to explain everything in detail and answers your questions very quickly, whether by email or live sessions. She is encouraging and sincerely cares about everyone she is trying to help."
Maria, NJ
- PRO annual member

"Thank you for changing lives ... dramatic but true.
Doing this course has made me realise so many things that have made my low carb journey stall. I’ve learnt so much during the four weeks. Libby’s advice has been invaluable. My portion sizes were all wrong and I was eating carbs In foods I didn’t know they were in. Libby answered every question and gave lots of extra information as well. The videos were very informative too, and you can watch them at your own pace, revisiting any whenever you want."

Janey, UK
- PRO Annual member

"I treated myself with a 'belated 55 yr birthday gift' of my Membership! I've been Low Carb for over a year but seems things have gotten 'stuck' since I turned 55.
When I joined PRO, I had several "Ah-Ha" moments and things started to move again. I think that not only does Libby put things in perspective but the 'no judging' and ease in the "Ditch the Carb" universe is such a positive as well!"

Angela, USA
- PRO Annual member

"I wish this program was around when I started low-carb 6 months ago. The internet is so full of conflicting and confusing information, but Libby explains everything in a very easy way to understand."

Darren, Las Vegas
- PRO Annual member

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